A Victorian Love Story.

A small and dusty old leather suitcase resurfaced every few years in Georgina's large London home. Inside was a jumble of old letters covered with writing that, as a child, she couldn't even begin to read.

Thirty years later Georgina has taken the time to transcribe some of the love letters from her great-grandparents, Bob & Jinnie, and publish them on her website, Victorian Love Letters. Fascinating.

Bob & Jinnie

Jane "Jinnie" Loveday

Jinnie and Bob were engaged for over 13 years. Bob was a valet; Jinnie, a housekeeper with the last name of Miss Loveday. Miss Loveday? How wonderful is that? Couldn't make that one up!

Visit Georgina's website here to follow this sweet love story...


Mélanie A. said…
I love to read old postcards, letters or notebooks . Handwritings and words are always breathtaking , they were so romantic
helen tilston said…
What a tempting story. I am going to Georgina's website to read more

soozeedoozee said…
Thank you so much for sharing this charming link. It is delightful!

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