Karen Knorr

Once again, Di over at Designer's Block had a great post that stopped me in my tracks! Frankfurt-born photographer, Karen Knorr's most recent Fable series is amazing.

Staged at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, Karen uses taxidermy animal characters such as the cunning fox and the foolish pigeon, roaming grandeur rooms and corridors. "Using staging, technical virtuosity, playful humour and a pinch of deliberate awkwardness, Knorr teases some of the most exalted themes of art history out of the objects of elite material culture and into photographic terms." Fables, Lucy Soutter

Take a look at some of my favorites!

The Blue Salon

The Grand Monkey Room 1

The King's Reception

Ledoux's Reception


The Grand Monkey Room 2

The Music Room

All photos courtesy of Karenknorr.com


Mélanie said…
I love these ambiance ! so weird and unexpected , all what I love in interior design !
A Wild Thing said…
The colors and the texures, it is all so shocking, yet so appealing to the eye, like nature was meant to stumble upon such beauty.

Isn't it beautiful? Posted her work as well awhile ago . . .


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