Whimsical Vintage Hotel Postcards

Vienna Coffee House, Mark Hopkins Hotel, S.F.

I was researching some old hotels and stumbled upon the website, alamedainfo.com. They have beautiful vintage photographs and postcards of hotels and historical sights in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, most of these cute restaurants and bars don't exist anymore. Click on the photos for a large, detailed image. Aren't the colors great?
Lobby, Mark Hopkins Hotel, S.F. {now that's Hollywood Regency}

Persian Room, Sir Francis Drake, S.F.

Barbershop, Hotel St. Francis, S.F.

Lotta's Fountain, Palace Hotel, S.F.

Fairmont Hotel Bar, S.F. {how about having a cocktail on the carousel?}

White & Gold Room, St. Francis Hotel, S.F.

Top of the Mark, Mark Hopkins Hotel, S.F.

Fairmont Hotel Lobby, Podesta Baldocchi's Shop, S.F. {Love the old Dorothy Draper carpet...they replaced it when the hotel was renovated}
All Photos Courtesy of Alamedainfo.com


Barb said…
Great postcards. So glad I found your blog.

Have a wonderful week.
Thanks Barb! I checked out your website and great looking products. I really appreciate you visiting my blog! Lynn
Anonymous said…
Hi Lynn, I stumbled upon that site myself awhile back searching rugs for my Hotel Lobbies post. I was so taken by the images--so glamorous! Ahhh, back in the day, eh? But we're so lucky to live in this wonderful SF area, even if things are a tad more casual nowadays. Jane
papel1 said…
I love the postcards of San Franciso. I especially enjoy Hotel and Motel, Restaurant Postcards.
Unknown said…
oh my, i don't even know where to start. each is so lovely. i especially love the barbershop pic.
to gather amongst such beautiful splendor--makes me want to go on vacation to the 1920s (wish it was possible, but will have to do with these gorgeous postcards). thanks for the website link, i'm off to check it out!~
Fifi Flowers said…
Great post! Very interesting!
Thanks for your comments. I agree with Octavine Illustration. I'd like to go back in time to the 1920's. I'll even take the 50's! Sometimes these photos make me sad since that era of old opulence is gone...

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