What is your Decorating Style?

Holly at Decor 8 recently posted some lovely home shots from Traditional Home magazine's website. The colorful rooms made me want to change my home again! I'm in a quandary. I love the Old World French interiors, but find myself attracted to black & white with pops of color or neutral tone-on-tone. I suppose I just like too many different looks, which isn't a bad thing, just a challenge!

Rooms in my home have changed from Art Deco, French Country and Victorian, to Shabby Chic and Hollywood Glamour/Regency! It's never-ending. I see something I like and want to change my house. It's challenging to integrate the old weathered European look with the clean lines of more sleek and modern design.

This home featured in Traditional Home has a "circus-theme" decor (it's actually a circa-1840s Italianate house that was built as the winter headquarters for John Robinson’s Circus, the largest circus of its day.) I love its white background with "candy-colored" accents.

What is your style/decor? Would love to hear any stories you have to share!

Photos courtesy of Traditional Home Magazine


Unknown said…
i love it! my favorite are those black and white vases with the candy colored flowers. the whole notion of an 1840s circus theme is so romantic...beautiful post!~
GORGEOUS!! Love all the color! I wish I had a style (or knew what it was, rather). I just know I love color...the brighter the better!
Thanks Cara and Erin! Two more lovers of color. I think it's my love for candy that has transfered to furniture...Lynn
Unknown said…
i suffer from the same decorating symptoms you have - i like too many styles, and it changes from day to day. one day it's french, then it's kind of shabby chic, or then it's hollywood regency, and the look that i'm decorating now doesn't even have a name (kind of chinoiserie mixed with a lot of mirrored furniture, mixed with a lot of white...). it's getting expensive!!
Thanks for visiting my blog Mademoiselle Frou-Frou! You need to pick a name for your Chinoiserie/mirrored look. It may be the new trend! Lynn
Barb said…
So colorful. I love it.
Another wonderful post, thanks again!
You might enjoy the upcoming profile on a designer who underwent a radical change in her style.

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