Paris Hotel Boutique & Past Perfect

Many of you may know that in addition to selling on my website, I rent space in a collective called Past Perfect on Union Street in San Francisco. There are about 30 dealers in the shop and we each have our own booth. The shop is an eclectic mix of modern & traditional vintage decor. The store also does a lot of prop rentals since there is a great selection of unique and interesting pieces. I mainly sell larger items in Past Perfect such as furniture and lighting. The hotel silver and accessories are on my website. Since my website and Past Perfect are mentioned in the current issue of Architectural Digest, the shop told me that they would like to do a "Paris Hotel Boutique" themed window to showcase my online business. I was thrilled. Here are some photos of the window...a little piece of my vision if I had my own storefront. I would want a mix of modern, of course. The website keeps me so busy that it would be impossible for me to have my own shop, but this window was a fun "make believe" and Past Perfect allows me to have a physical presence. I've also included photos of the third window that Jaime did with an industrial theme. Thanks Jaime for the great job you did on the windows!

If you're visiting San Francisco, be sure and stop by Past Perfect! There is a second location on Lombard Street as well.

Past Perfect
2230 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 929-7651
Hours - Daily 11:30-7:00


How wonderful, congratulations!
What a lovely shop. Will have to stop in next time I'm in the area, which will probably be in Sept.
London Calling said…
Love the window displays. Congrats on your AD feature!
Thank you!!
Mélanie said…
I love your window displays ! Congratulations !!!

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