A Little Piece of NYC

Just returned from New York City where my friend Janet and I celebrated her 50th birthday. Six great days filled with lots of laughter, eating, and of course, shopping. New York never disappoints with its unbelievable store windows and outstanding merchandising.

Some of my favorite stops were John Derian in the East Village, Obscura (unique antique curiosities), Ankasa (the pillows are out of this world), Charlotte Moss, ABC Carpet & Home, Bergdorf Goodman and so much more!
There was some great “eye candy” at the Waldorf Astoria. Right up my alley. These lobby windows (below) have gorgeous displays of vintage Waldorf memorabilia. Don’t think we weren’t lurking around the ballrooms looking for hotel silver!
Vintage Key Rack in the Waldorf Astoria Lobby

Vintage Waldorf Hotel Silver & China Place Setting

The windows at Bergdorf’s (below) had backdrops of sepia-toned vintage photos. Gorgeous in person.
Bergdorf's window

Bergdorf's window

Whimsical zebra display in Bergdorf's window

I bought a couple of vintage-style postcards from Katz’s Deli (the oldest Deli in NYC) in the Lower East Side. {And the salami & eggs were wonderful}.
Postcards (above) from Katz's Deli

Some cute vintage-style postcards (above) I purchased at John Derian.

Ankasa is one of the most beautiful shops. Gorgeous pillows and linens with the most amazing displays.

I want this pillow from Ankasa!

We were walking by the old Hotel Pierre and found out that they were renovating. Where is all the old hotel stuff?

Janet searching for old hotel relics that they were tossing away!

Elaine's has the best veal in the City!
Of course, us middle-aged women had to go to the opening of Sex & the City when we were in NYC!


Love, love, love this post! I absolutely love NYC! Everytime I go I feel like I'm in this magical city. It's just so amazing. : ) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said…
First off, I have to comment about how much I love your website and your shop!

Secondly, I live in New York and would love to see that Waldorf Astoria collection! It it opened for anyone to see or do you have to be a guest at the hotel?

- Lissette
Thanks Mina and Lissette!

Lissette, the Waldorf collection is right in the hotel lobby. It's open to the public. Go check it out. It's great in person. Lucky you living in NYC!! Lynn
Anonymous said…
Oh I loved reading and looking at your pictures from your NY-trip!!! :) I was there last year together with my husband and our friends. It was fantastic. We decided to go back again within 5 years. I just loved Central Park and Greenwich Village, so the next time I have to stay either close to the Park or in the Village, either way!
Have a nice day :) (oh I'm from Norway :))

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