and the winners are...

Sincere thanks to all of you for your participation in the PHB Summer Giveaway! Your wonderful comments are greatly appreciated. A click at selected the winners...

1st Place - Shannon S.
2nd Place - Koselig Koselig

Congratulations! I will contact you via e-mail.


Anonymous said…
hello and thank you for drawing me as 2nd:)
Congrats Koselig, Koselig from Norway! Can you email me your address? Lynn
shannons said…
Woo Hoo! Thanks so much!
Barb said…
Congrats to both winners.

Your model is just precious!
Lisa & Alfie said…
Now Lynn, he is just not looking like a happy camper in this photo. In fact he looks like he is ready for a good tussle, perhaps with an old friend named Alfie? How the heck are you? When are you going to make it down the whole 10 miles away to Pacifica?
I just say Claudia's wonderful post about you! Congrats!
Lisa & Alfie
Lisa, so good hearing from you! I definitely have to come see the new shop! I've seen the great photos on your blog. I just need to get in my car and leave this cold city! As you said, only 10 minutes away! Vito misses Alfie too! Thanks too for the most wonderful comments on Claudia's blog. talk to you soon! Lynn

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