Great Finds in Washington: The Arctic Club Hotel

The Arctic Club's amazing exterior with carved walrus's.

I just returned from a short vacation spending a few days in Seattle in route to Spokane to visit family. I had never been to Washington before and discovered some great places that I wanted to share. From great antiques to historic hotels, there is a lot to see in that state!

The front desk

The hotel is filled with framed photos of the members of the old Arctic Club.

Awhile back I had blogged about the Arctic Club Hotel in downtown Seattle. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and thought it would be a great idea to stay there before heading to Spokane. I was not disappointed. This hotel has so much old world charm!

Two amazing old glass domes with vintage shirt collars flank the front desk. The domes are lit and really stand out with the hotel's dim ambiance.

Wonderful display of antique top hats & derby hats behind the front desk

I just love these valet chairs that Candra Scott uses in some of her hotels. So stylish and masculine. I'd love to have them as dining chairs.

The newly renovated hotel was an exclusive gentlemen's club formed in 1908 and filled with members who had made their wealth in Alaska with Klondike gold. The building ranks #1 spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Walrus door numbers outside the guest rooms

I just love this vintage-inspired glass "bath" door in the guest room. And, all the rooms have Kiehl's products, which is a treat. Don't worry about having to bring your own shampoo or conditioner!

The lobby has Deco-style sofas and chairs. They have these wonderful old "airlplane covers." A great touch. Of course I asked if the hotel sold them, but unfortunately they don't.

Designer, Candra Scott did an amazing job with this hotel. There are extra-special touches such as room keys with the photos of the club members and antique-style newspapers in each guest room with old advertising. Love it!

Even the room keys have vintage photos of the club members

Decorative "Do Not Disturb" signs

If you want to use the hotel's computers, the lobby has these cool desks. Old books and newspapers around. Love the lamps.

If you're traveling to Seattle you should definitely check out this hotel. It's a small hotel full of charm. It feels as though you've gone back in time.

Little Vito loved it!


Visual Vamp said…
It's a little butch, except for Vito, but I really, really, really wish I was there! xo xo Valorie from New Orleans
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tour. What a grand old place. A perfect tribute to an era filled with class. Jane
Anonymous said…
How lovely!!! I have lived here in Washington (25 miles outside of Seattle)my whole life and never have had the opportunity to visit this little gem. I will now!!! So sorry your visit her couldn't have been punctuated with some warmer weather. Hope you have a great time anyway.

visual vamp; be safe my prayers are with you.

Barb said…
I've been catching up. What great posts you have. I always enjoy my visits.

Vito is a little charmer.

I stayed here in July! And had to rush home to blog about it too. We loved it and plan on staying there again.
Valorie: Thanks for your comments. It is a great place!

Jane: As always, thanks. You would appreciate the vintage touches in this hotel. If ever you're in Seattle...

Carol: Thanks for your comments. They have a great restaurant in the hotel. You should stop by. You're right...the weather was terrible when we were there, but I love Seattle!

Barb: Thank you :)

Annie: I have to check out your blog post. I want to go there again too! LOVED it!
Anonymous said…
It looks like it was a wonderful treat! If my husband and I are ever back in Washington we will have to look it up! Thanks for sharing it.
Very classy indeed!
Uncle Beefy said…
Wonderful photos spread of this place! I live across the water and haven't had a chance to visit yet. After your photos I almost wouldn't need to! But that doesn't mean you REALLY made me want to!

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