The New French Decor

Some time ago I posted about the book, The New Eighteenth Century Style, by journalist and interior decorator Michele Lalande and photographer Gilles Trillard. It is a must-have for anyone who appreciates antique objects and French decor. Last year Lalande and Trillard published their second book, The New French Decor: Living with Timeless Objects.

I hadn't seen the book in person and my friend Janet heard it was fabulous, so we both placed an order with Amazon. There was a 6 month delay due to publishing issues, but we finally received our books the other day! It's just as great as I anticipated with pages and pages of gorgeous photographs of old French furniture and objets d' art.

This decor may be impractical and a bit cluttered for our modern-day lifestyle, but it certainly gives you inspiration on how to pair different objects of curiosity to create a unique and personal look. Much of the look in the book is what I try to emulate in my home and the type of objects that I sell on my website. Take a look at some photos from the book. Remember, you can click on the photos for enlarged images...

One of my favorite photos in the book... old cut-out photographs mounted on wood decorate a cupboard of antique glasses

Old Pharmacy bottles used as vases and a flower holder used as a candleholder

Astier dinnerware with a garden bouquet.

I love decorating with old apothecary bottles, portraits and worn leather books.

19th Century glass domes and gesso picture frames always add a touch of whimsy.

Love this shot of an angel by sculpturer Corinne Forget, levitating in the corner of a bedroom in front of gilded mirrors.

An old fireplace mantle with plaster fragments

Collections look great in groupings such as old ivory instruments in glasses or silver flatware in champagne buckets. Old "ghosted" mirrors add a great backdrop as well.
I love the look of antique desk accessories and old ephemera

If you're daring, animals always add an element of surprise as does this resin elephant over a dining table.

Various taxidermy molds

An assortment of early French board games

19th century portraits make a nice backdrop for artifacts related to the paintings and their colors

Above: kitchen with assorted ironstone and an antique English telescope with compasses and other instruments

Unfortunately my photos don't do the book justice. You can purchase both Lalande books here at Amazon.

All photos from The New French Decor


Di Overton said…
OK you convinced me I just ordered it. THANKS
Di, I think you'll love it. Let me know!
The New French Decor is my absolutely favorite book and even did a post on it here:

I'll have to check out the book you've recommended. I recently found your blog and just love it. Have a great Sunday, Theresa
Theresa, thanks for visiting. I just checked your post about the book! Thank you so much for the nice post as well! All the best, Lynn
a. said…
You and Claudia (The Paris Apt.) definitely win the award for best eye candy on your blogs!
Jojo said…
The photos from the book are wonderful. It is always amazing the grouping of unusual accessories and objects that are displayed together, all looking as if they belong together. Somehow when I get a new book such as this, I start trying to rearrange things but somehow I never capture the same aesthetic pleasure. Thank you for the inspiration. Looks like it is time to order a new book and rearrange.
Tutti Chic said…
I am SO getting this book! Gorgeous photos! :)chris
a. - you're so sweet. Thank you!

jojo- I was just having the same conversation with my friend today! I think the books look so good because they capture a small vignette in a close-up photo. I'm wondering how these rooms look if you are actually inside! We'll keep trying huh?

tutti chic - Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you'll love the book. Enjoy!
Antique Therapy said…
I love your blog and website! and of course anything that is french. I am an antique dealer in Mass and I feel as though I am moving in the french direction in in antiques too, but as I am sure you know French antiques are harder to find in the US. I would love to switch links with you if you want you can check my blog out at You are such an inspiration!! Keep it up. Thanks Keri
Ana Carini said…
Hi there!
I am here to introduce myself. I am new to the Blog community and would like to meet new people. Your blog attracts me, so I posted a link on my site. Stop by and say hi sometime~
Lauri Evans said… your blog! I found you on Theresa's blog post this a.m. You're in my fav city and I will add you to our blog links. I love this book. It makes me happy just to look at it!
oxox lulu redstar
Crave said…
These are beautiful images! If only I had a bigger apartment to decorate like this!! Lovely blog - keep it up and thank you for your kind comments on my blog as well!!
antique therapy: Keri, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate your kind words and am flattered that you added me to your links. I can't wait to spend some time reading your blog. I know, French antiques are getting harder to find! Thanks again, Lynn

ana: Welcome to Blog Land! I'm just getting the hang of it myself. Will definitely check out your blog and thanks again for the visit!

luluredstar: thank you, thank you! I really appreciate the link and your visit! Come back again!

crave: I agree. Space is an issue. I bought the Alexis Bittar ring you blogged about. Love it!
Anonymous said…
Just a beautiful website!
Kudos, dear!
Villa Anna said…
This is my first comment on your blog but I've been a long time fan.
I had to mention I too have this book and ADORE it. I couldn't believe how many beautiful photographs fill this book. It even inspired me to play around with a little vignette myself.

Anna :)
. said…
Hi loving all your photos. Very beautiful book will have to check that out. Denise
Mélanie said…
I have this book and I love it !! It is so much inspiration !!
la la Lovely said…
This book looks like heaven. I'll have to come back when I have more time to study the pictures! And this is def going on my wish list. The frames in those pictures are to die for.
Also, congrats on the Country Living- how wonderful! Can't wait to pick up the issue!
Irene: Thank you!

Villa Anna: I so flattered that you read my blog. I just visiting yours (great, by the way) and love your vignette. Love this book!

Vintage Journal: Thanks. You will definitely love the book when you see it!

Melanie: As always, thank you!

Lalalovely: Thanks so much for the congrats!
TIG said…
The book looks fantastic -- thank you for such a detailed sneak peek. Adore the silver flatware in old champagne buckets -- completely charming!
Anonymous said…
Just received the book, which I ordered via your link to Amazon. It's lovely! Thanks for the preview.
Annie, I'm thrilled that this post inspired you to buy the book! I hope you are loving it! Lynn
Anonymous said…

it's elegant and marvelous. I love the old library.

Thanks so much for following me... I am so glad, as these pictures are everything that says ..ME.
I love each and every one and wish that I had found them..will be visiting often !!!! XXXX
Anne said…
Oh my, I have got to get this book!!! I discovered your blog via Jackie at Home, and am so glad I did! I am looking forward to delving in and reading a whole lot more. Have a beautiful day.
Trishia said…
Lynn, It was the old photo cutouts on wood blocks that grabbed my attention! My mind immediately thought: postcards! I wanna steal that idea. Hope it's not copyrighted!ha!

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