Do You Like Waffles?

Today my friend Renee and I were in the East Bay previewing an auction and stumbled upon the greatest place to stop and have a bite to eat. Did I say bite? I'll get to that later.

Ole's Waffle House is in Alameda, California, opened in the 1920's, and has not changed their menu since. This place is really like stepping back in time. From its wonderful Art Deco neon signs to its diner setting, packed with people and friendly wait staff, this place is not for the meek. The portions are huge and you can order everything from biscuits & gravy to eggs & waffles. I went for the pancakes, hash browns and a big ham steak. I just couldn't help myself. Okay, time to take a very long walk.

If you're visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure and treat yourself to an old fashioned breakfast at: Ole's Waffle House, 1507 Park St., Alameda, CA.

Photo: Cary Miller,


Anonymous said…
I come to your nice blog by way of Di at Designers Block. Once I did eat at Ole's, and I've only been to Alameda twice!!
Hope you have a nice weekend.
Constance, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm thrilled that you found it via Di, whose blog I adore! Isn't Ole's great? I had never heard of it before. Great food and ambiance. I'm off to visit your blog. thanks again! Lynn
Di Overton said…
I thought my ears were burning you have been talking about me :)
I love waffles but here in the UK they are just not the same - give me American ones any day.
Di, believe me, I don't eat breakfasts like that too often. It's usual cereal or toast, but this place is crazy good!

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