Vies de Chiens: Lives of Dogs

I'm frequently asked about antique dog-related items for sale, and yes, we have them at Paris Hotel Boutique!

I just love vintage dog items from portraits & engravings, to books & collars. When I came across this out-of-print French book, Vies de Chiens, I was astounded by the beautiful photos of old precious kennels, collars, leashes, clothes, dogs in royal courts and lists of dog owners from the 16th-19th centuries.

The book is entirely in French, but the photos are great, and if you read French, all the better! I own a white toy poodle, so I love the cover too.

The book was published in Paris by editor, Alain De Gourcuffin with 150 pages featuring an exhibition of canine accouterments and art that was held in Paris between the 15th of December 2000 and the 31st of March 2001.

I would love to amass a large collection of vintage dog memorabilia. Imagine a wall of old dog portraits!

Antique French Dog Collar from

Antique French Dog Collar from

Currently at Paris Hotel Boutique we have antique French dog collars for sale here and here. We have a copy of this book available as well here.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Photos from Vies de Chiens book &


Barb said…
What an interesting book. Love the photo's.

Have a beautiful weekend,
Taddie Tales said…
What a fabulous post - love the book!

If your ever in Kent, England you must visit the Leeds Castle and see the Dog Collar Museum located in the Queens Stables. Quiet a collection!|p136|n152|c570104|s0|g1|d0&pg=Dog_Collar_Museum

The castle and grounds are quite marvelous as well.
taddie tales - thanks for the info! I checked out the link and it's something else. Would LOVE to see the dog collar museum! Thanks again!
Alkemie said…
Oh I'm in love with illustration of the chairs!!
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I linked your post today, it was too cute not to share.
The book looks great -- loved seeing the antique engraved collars.
cotedetexas said…
Gorgeous! LOVE tHIS POSt!!!!!
Sarah, thanks so much for the link!!! Lynn
dada said…
I also love this post! Just ordered the book!

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