Come to my Party & Giveaway!

Let's be kids for a day! I usually don't post about my birthdays, but I just had to share the wonderful surprises I received today from my best friend Janet at FrenchBlue. AND, to make this day even more fun, Janet is having a birthday "giveaway" on her new blog, FrenchBlue. Come celebrate, open the presents with me (below), and then mosey over to FrenchBlue to enter the giveaway and you too can receive one of her wonderful gifts...

My husband displayed the presents in a Dorothy Draper chest. Cute, huh?

Janet and I love candy. Here are some delicious treats; watermelon sour balls, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, Laduree candies in a carriage and a glittery faux cupcake!

Vito had to get in on the fun!

I am going crazy over this custom stationary that Janet made for me using images from Paris Hotel Boutique. Love it!

How clever is this? Janet took a box of leopard-printed stationary and added an "I Married Adventure" sticker to make it look like the image of the vintage book that we're all so fond of. She is so creative.

Amazing large, lavender-scented candle in a lavender-colored bisque jar from my favorite, Bergdorf Goodman! (hint, hint...there is one in the giveaway!)

For the sweet lover...Juicy Couture candies in pink plastic cupcake holders. Actually you can use these plastic cupcake holders in the oven.

You can't take the 80's out of me. Love the glitz on this softest cotton shirt with faux jeweled embellishments.

Not one, but two pairs of metallic sandals from Steve Madden. Janet, you're crazy, but I love them!

This unusual silver-coated horn can actually hang on the wall. So unique!

Thanks to all of you for sharing my birthday with me and to you Janet for the most special birthday gifts! You are a treasure!



Malisa said…
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lynn...happy birthday to you!

Goodness, you got lots of special goodies!!! Its nice to have that special husband, special friend and special dog!

Thank you thank you Malisa!!
Noel Solomon said…
Your birthday party looks like too much fun! You deserve all of it!! How CUTE how Leif displayed them for you.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday darling! I hope it's your best ever!!! Such beautiful things...Janet is so talented and so is her daughter. The cards are just beautiful.
And I love your hubby's display, you two make a great team :)
Have un noir fantastique!
Love c
Paul Pincus said…
all of it beautiful! i really love the cards.

happy birthday!

ps found you via style court : )
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Lynn!!! I wish I would have known in advance!

Seems like you had a great day. ;) You deserve it!

Thanks so much for the b-day wishes Claudia! Don't you think I should sell cards like this? So cute!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks Paul! Go glad you found my blog. I'll be visiting yours as well! Lynn
thanks Melissa!!
Di Overton said…
Would Janet like to be my friend. Happy Birthday Lynn
Lisa & Alfie said…
Fabulous birthday package you lucky girl. All the best from this belated birthday greeting Lynn.
From Lisa & Alfie
Thanks Di! Yes, Janet is the best!!

Lisa and Alfie...thank you so very much! Lisa, I peeked in the window of the new shop the other looks amazing! Can't wait to come by during business hours!
Happy Birthday to you! The Juicy Couture candy looks delicious! Please share! lol
Anonymous said…
I love theBG candle and the beautiful stationary!
Stopping by from the Antiques Diva!
edina said…
Happy Birthday! Such lovely presents!
Alkemie said…
WOW, Happy belated birthday Lynn. THe gifts are absolutely wonderful!! Definitely heading to FrenchBlue to check out Janet's blog.

Karen O.

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