The Waldorf Goes "Mod"

There is nothing more fun than thumbing through old magazines. This spread in the November 1970 issue of House Beautiful features a custom-designed celebrity suite at the Waldorf in New York City. Is history repeating itself? Of course it is. Note the candy-colored and mod furnishings that we see so much of now. (Please click on the images for detailed, enlarged views).

(above) "This suite was created for special visitors; entertainers appearing in the hotel's Empire room, State Department guests, U.N. dignitaries. Peggy Lee might relax with old friends, or Diana Ross give an interview from a silk sofa." (18-century furnishings blend with the steel and plastic of the 70's). The background of neutral shell tones is punctuated with sharp, pure color contrasts in the mode of Matisse."

The foyer has a stenciled floor design executed by Cile Lord. To quieten the sound of lively greetings, a Wallscape of Verel modacrylic carpeting-texturing a soft background for the Wendy Vanderbilt painting over the shell-motif table. (Love the chrome benches)

"By day, the dining room is an airy pastoral, mellow, timeless, as if the basketed flowers had grown just beyond the hotel windows. At night, the room becomes a vibrant art-filled cloister behind silk curtains inspired by a Truman Egleston painting. Albrizzi candlesticks and shells from Karl Springer, Ltd." (Interesting...there are the faux bamboo chairs that have made a huge comeback)

"A Flowered Retreat for Private Hours." Bright 1970's florals. Do you remember those? I think I had a set of those exact sheets. Note the zig-zag curtains. Back in style again.

Well, I don't think that celebrity suites look quite like this now, but it's fun to see what was "in vogue" in the 70's.

Photos from House Beautiful, November 1970


Unknown said…
i absolutely love this!~
i was just working on a mod piece and these colors burst onto my palette. the combination of the mod with the 18th century is unexpected but somehow works. fab photos!~
Cottage Rose said…
Wow, I have no words but Wow. I forgot how colorful the 70's were. And it never fails that past trends do come back in style.

Fargerike Dagny said…
LOVE the foyer, the stenciled floor is amazing. The chrome benches as well!
Noel Solomon said…
This is very fun! More importantly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE LYNN!!

xo- Noel
Octavine: thank you for your comment. I do love those colors so much! And always love the juxtaposition of time periods!

Cottage Rose: Alaura, those colors are something. Funny how we think a trend it "new" but it's just the old being recycled!

Beautiful Living: Thanks for your comments. Would love one of those benches too!
Thanks Noelie!!!!

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