Poodle Party!

Ever since I got my poodle Vito, I always wanted to have a "poodle party." Imagine all of these silly French poodles dancing around (Can-can style)! I was so jealous when I saw the Dauschund meetup group at the park a couple of weeks ago that I had to start a San Francisco Poodle Meetup group.

Maxie, Vito & KoKo meet

Today was our first "meetup." Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, but the doggies endured. Vito met his first two Poodle friends, KoKo the Cockapoo and Maxie, who is a teacup. They had lots of fun at the park. If you live in the Bay Area and have a poodle, please come to one of our meetups. Hopefully we'll have better weather next month. You can join here.

Jeany & Rie holding Maxie


irenie said…
How cute!

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