So Fancy!

I am thrilled to share the beautiful creations of Noel Solomon, the daughter of my dear friend Janet of FrenchBlue & Co. Noel is a talented artist (based in Southern California) and has recently launched her online business, Fanciful Designs, selling her unique, one-of-a-kind French-inspired pieces.

Noel’s number books consist of old book pages combined with a unique matte cover and modern number, completely handmade using recycled materials and art.

One of Noel’s passions is working with paper. “Finding exact freedom in this material through sculpting allows me to create with an unrestrained imagination. A transparent lightness, so delicate in appearance, combined with a fanciful inner-laced imagination, turns into a piece of art.”

These whimsical shoes (sculpted from paper) are the most beautiful creations!

Such talent! Some of Noel’s latest creations are books, handmade shoes, dress forms and fine accessories, all sculpted from paper. You can see some of her amazing pieces here on her Etsy shop, and please be sure and visit her new blog, Fanciful.

Decorative dress forms made of paper…Noel gets a lot of her inspiration from her travels—France being at the top of the list!

Photos courtesy of Fanciful Designs


Unknown said…
Oh, my goodness, these are just gorgeous! I love it, right up my alley :) You always find the most beautiful items!
###### said…
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Denise Kiggan said…
What beautiful work she does. Those books are so appealing.

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