Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon is the oldest candlemaking company, dating back to 1643. Candlemakers to the kings of France, the Trudon candlemaking process was considered the most exclusive, using solid beeswax.

Trudon has a rich history and is still in existence today. Founded by merchant Claude Trudon, the company has built a solid reputation dating back to the time of Napoleon and throughout the revolution and final hours of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. There are so many delicious fragrances to choose from.

The 'Trianon' candle, which was inspired by Marie Antoinette is described as follows, "The picking of jacinth, roses, white flowers, wild herbs from the meadows and graminaeceous plants, this bunch of flowers reminds us of an ideal nature, that of the Nouvelle Heloise and the country life dreams of Marie Antoinette. Vibrating with the memory of a summer evening and the warm musk scent of torches, this candle is a homage to the Queen of taste who inspired so many candles to Maison de Cire Trudon."

What a beautiful Bergdorf Goodman ad showing the bust and pillar candles, with weathered papers, a top hat and antique candleholders. Such a dramatic look!

I love the "Les Bustes de Cire" molded wax bust candles of those who marked the history of France, such as Napoleon, Marie Antoinette and L'esclave. Expensive? Yes, but beautiful with a rich history.

Visit the Cire Trudon website here. Candles are available in the US, here and here.

Photos courtesy of Cire Trudon


FrenchBlue said…
WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candles! THANK YOU for my Nepolian!! Cire Trudon is the B E S T!! And You are the B E S T!! Uh Uh UH!
Di Overton said…
I love the Les Bustes de Cire. I found a French company this week that sells the most amazing candles - take a look I think it was Monday.
Yes, yes Di! I saw your post and went right to the site. Problem is, it's all in French. I ADORE the candles though. they are amazing!
Anonymous said…
These candles are lovely! Now I have to stop at this store on my next trip to France!

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