Do You Love Vintage Luxury?

Then you must read/borrow/buy the book, "100 Legendary Trunks: Louis Vuitton." My friend Karen gave this to me as a holiday gift and it's one of the most gorgeous books I've ever seen!

It features over 800 of the most beautiful photos ever. Everything kind of trunk; trunk bed (that's right) steamer trunks, tea case, toiletry kit, circus trunk, library trunk, and caviar box from the rich & famous dating back to the 19th century.

A LV trunk for flowers, imagine...

This book will knock your socks off. All 496 pages housed in a hard slipcase!

It's available here and here...



Awesome gift!!!
My hubby gave me the travel guides & postcard box!!!
Have an OOh La La Day!!!
Sarsaparilla said…
Oh...that's my kind of book! I love the library trunk...
FrenchBlue said…
G.r.A.t.e. book!! What a sweet friend to give you such a treasure.

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