Happy Monday!

Do you ever feel like you can hardly keep your eyes open? I feel like this little rat-- cold and tired from working non-stop for two weeks. Think I'm going to lay my head down, cuddle up with my little poodle Vito, and take a much-needed nap before I'm back to the grindstone...

Wishing you a great week ahead!

image: Jessica Florence


Know exactly what you mean Lynn..............just had a little nap with Daisy. XO
Oh Lynn,
You sound worn out.....take time to put your feet up and have a cuddle with Vito. XXXX
Unknown said…
so adorable! yes, take a rest. always do what yoor body tells you to do

PCovi said…
How precious!!!
Enjoy that nap :)
Oh Lord what a sweet face that little guy has! I think we all need a L-O-N-G rest-up. This has been a hard winter so far and I envy the bears their lovely hibernation!
Have a good nap...
Tina xo

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