Having a Nice Weekend?

Hope you're enjoy the start of your weekend. For those of you in the US, it's Memorial Day weekend, when our country pauses for a moment to remember our hero's, both known and unknown. A way to honor our American service members who have fought and continue to fight for our country. And, it generally marks the beginning of Summer!

Whether you're having a barbecue or simply relaxing, enjoy the nice long weekend and back with you next week!


What a great picture! It's very Paris.
baia norte said…
wow a very nice
Thank you, Lynn - I am in the US and it is my birthday today. Every May 30th used to be Memorial Day until the US government made it a floating national holiday. So I have to wait another 7 years to have Memorial Day fall on my birthday again!

Yes, what a great picture - very Paris and pretty! In the US, in the parades kids often ride bikes decorated in red, white and blue streamers on this holiday.
Goose Vintage said…
What a beautiful planter on wheels, great shot! And nice sentiments for a holiday whose original meaning is usually forgotten.
Erin said…
I was just wondering if you owned the copyright to this photo? If so, would it be possible to get your permission to use the photo in a craft class that I will be teaching in the next couple of months? Thanks!
Bethany Linz said…
A perfect picture!!

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