Penny on the Shoe.

If you were a child of the, ahem, 1960's or earlier, you may remember the oh, so exciting, "penny on the shoe" game. You know... that difficult game of trying to balance a penny on your shoe while walking?

I finely figured out how to share tidbits of my old home movies online. Here are my 6th and 7th birthday parties. Pretty much the same girls, sporting some new mary janes each year. AND, the same "penny on the shoe" year after year! Perhaps my friends were just too kind to express their boredom.

Those were such simpler times, weren't they? I do wish we had some of the fabulous current decor available to us back then...well, at least we weren't playing with our cell phones, right?

Do you have any special memories of your childhood birthday parties?


Honeygo Beasley said…
I feel like that was a party I was at! Thanks for sharing ...
Anonymous said…
I am so surprised you didn't have boy guests at your party! I'm sure the games would not be as timid...
You look very mach like your mom, though...and your grandpa (?) with the cake -it's moving; he was so careful.

Love the patent-leather mary janes.
Honeygo and Creaky, thanks for watching! Ha ha, in the 60's we didn't have boys at our parties...too innocent...

And Creaky...thanks for the sweet compliment about Mom and Grandpa!!
Mar gar et said…
Lynn--I had a 7th birthday party--and it was so much like yours--but I had boys at mine AND one gave me a pack of nylon panties--7--one for each day of the week! I have to say, after 48 years, no guy has topped that gift of lingerie! Ooolala--did he go on to be the owner of "Fredericks of Hollywood?"
NEVER heard of 'penny on the shoe' but I was in the DC area--we played 'musical chairs.' Thanks for sharing.
Margaret, that's a hilarious story about the panties! You must be a bit younger than I if you had boys at your party :)

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