Inspiring Images...Cirque

I just love carnivals and circuses. The cotton candy, candy apples, lights, rides, carnies and happy faces. I wanted to share these colorful images I've been collecting on my Pinterest board. Enjoy!

images: 1. KimFearHeily 2. Light Photography 3. sma_kee 4. kestrana 5. Scott E. Kelly 6, 7. source unknown 8,9. Zee Longenecker 10. source unknown 11. Jana Laurene 12. Amy 13. source unknown 14. doe-c-doe 15. Rodrigo 16. Alex Bamford


Oh Lynn,
What wonderful images, taking me back to my childhood. I really love the black and white one of the ladies showing more than they would want to be showing !!!! haha. Brilliant.
Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at mine. XXXX
FrenchBlue said…
I just got a wiff of cotton candy and popcorn:))) Thanks for the all the rides and a moment of being ten again...running to the next ride, tasting everything and looking for the cutest boy at the carnival~~
Cathi said…
Wonderful nostalgic, photos! Loving the one with the women with the skirts blown up!! haha....Happy weekend to you! xxoo :)
Marks of Faith said…
Oh my! That double decked horse carousel (pic 6 I think) is IDENTICAL to the one that use to be at my home town mall when I was growing up. Do you have any idea where this painting came from?

~A Cowgirl from Corpus Christi, TX

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