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A few years ago I blogged about Lesley M. M. Blume, (a gal after my own heart) and her fabulous Huffington Post column, "Let's Bring Back."

Well, good news for you lovers of nostalgia, she's released a book; Let's Bring Back: An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By.

This treasure trove of a book is filled with hundreds of forgotten objects, pastimes, recipes, toddies, riddles, proverbs, (all in alphabetical order) that definitely need to make a comeback. It's whimsical, witty and elegantly written. And if you happen to be in a down mood, it's the best "pick me up!"

I just had to share a tidbit of Lesley's fabulous quips:

ORGAN GRINDERS: Just so we can see the monkeys in those cute little vests and fezzes again.

GLAMOUR SLIPPERS: The ultimate house show: a befeathered silken, froufrou alternative to slapping, schlumpy flip-flops.

PHONE CONVERSATIONS: Supplanted by e-mails and texting, they're becoming as archaic as handwritten letters.

BUSTLES: A history-minded way to hide a large derriere.

HOTEL LIVING: This used to be a common practice in hotels of grandeur and disrepute; you would simply move into and and "take rooms." One advantage to hotel living; If you die there, you're more likely to be found in a timely manner.

GOLD TEETH: So festive. Also; handy assets in a recession.

MAHOGANY TELEPHONE BOOTHS IN HOTEL LOBBIES: They carried a surreptitious allure; it was practically mandatory to look around furtively when you were making a call inside.

PICTURE: As in "We're going to see the Bette Davis picture." Equally wonderful: "talkie."

DRESSING UP: For casinos: Lady luck is attracted to those who look the part.

For dinner: People used to do it every night: dinner jackets and evening gowns. Now showing up to dinner can be like getting slopped at a trough, and people often dress accordingly.

For flying: These days, airport attire is an assault on beauty--and often decency. Flying used to be considered a glamorous event, as did arriving; people wore their Sunday best for the occasion.

author, Lesley M. M. Blume (above)

This book is just the "cat's pajama's." You cannot put it down. A "must buy" here.

images from Booklover here


PCovi said…
Well that was fun! I'm all for the organ grinder and the monkey :) I wore white gloves as a child...and I know have that black rabbit poncho toward the end of the video...can't believe it!
Mar gar et said…
Hilarious! Watching, "The Three Stooges" right now--featuring a monkey with a gun...all it needs is an organ grinder, right? Mahogany cell phone booths, hmm...glamor slippers at the beach, probably arrested by the fashion police?

Just today, I was reading a book written in the 1980s about lost crafts such as seashell pictures, painting on velvet during the Victoria era, and hand-painted walls in lieu of expensive wallpaper.

Nostalgia; thank you for the book link.

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