Pretty Eye Candy...

Okay, no more etiquette talk today. Instead, take a look at these gorgeous coastal shots by Claire Brocato, with the help of designers, Deb Hodge and Debi Beard. Such talent!

Summer's almost here!!

images: Claire Brocato Photography


Goose Vintage said…
What a dress! Edgy and pink, our favorite combo!
vignette design said…
Hi Lynn,
What a gorgeous dress! I just discovered your blog through Cote de Texas! I remember you from my antique days! I used to sell at Heirlooms in Burlingame and The Trove in San Carlos with Diana Day-Glynn! I used to love visiting your space and have bought many things from you! Glad to know you sell online and also have a blog. I do to! Come visit me sometime at Vignette Design. ~Delores
PS: I don't sell anymore, but need to as my garage is full!

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