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I just discovered the lovely blog, mer mag. The blogger, Merrilee, is an illustrator, painter and designer, and has used her talents to create a breathtakingly beautiful blog. It covers everything from fashion to home decor. It has great eye-candy and is informative as well. I recently discovered it when she used one of my paintings (above) as her color inspiration for a blog post. Wow!

Here are some samplings from her blog. For more of Merrilee's inspiring postings, click here.

Above: Merrilee's post about her obsession with"glam" decor and photos from This is Glamorous

Abaete's spring 08 collection has Merrilee dreaming of delicious Neapolitan ice cream and carefree summers

Last but not least, Merrilee designed these shoes (above) for Fluevog. Named Merrilee,

these nostalgic saddle-style shoes reminded Merrilee of her magical childhood. Now that's impressive!

Photos courtesy of mer mag


mer said…
Thanks Lynn for your kind words! It was great to receive your email. I love your blog as well.
My pleasure! You are so talented!
colette rose said…
YOU have a beautiful blog, as well
So glad you posted this -- hadn't yet come across the beautiful "glam it up" post by Mer Mag, or the amazing portrait from your shop!

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