Flashback! Childhood Collections

I used to collect all colors & sizes of happy face buttons

Chances are that if you're reading this blog, you probably collect something, or started collecting at a young age as I did.

The other day I happened to stumble upon a new book about Wacky Packages. Those were the collectible stickers featuring parodies of consumer products and well-known brands, first produced by the Topps company in 1967, then revived in 1973. Well, I LOVED these stickers and remember spending hours sorting them and trying to complete the series.

I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and highlight a few of my favorite collections from the late 60's, early 70's. Then I want to hear about yours!

Did you ever own a bitten Oreo or apple core necklace? I loved mine! I was a bit of a geek, though.

Then there were beads and Puka shell necklaces. I used to sort my beads in egg cartons and ice cube holders. Come in, this was the 60's. We didn't have fancy storage boxes!

I guess you could say that I've always liked sweets. I had a collection of "food" candles like these ice cream sundaes.

There were the Little Kiddle dolls that came in lockets and plastic perfume bottles. Loved those.

I had a rather large collection of glass blown figurines/animals. Kind of scary. Did you ever have a piano like this above? I did.

...or animals like these?

We certainly didn't have many choices of items to collect back in the 60's and 70's. I would go crazy as a kid today. Even Pottery Barn Kids & PB Teen have great stuff. So jealous.

I'm very curious, what were some of your childhood collections? What do you collect today?

Photos: happy face buttons; shinegallery.com, Wacky Packages book; urbanoutfitters.com, glass piano; glassworksmfg.com, ice cream sundae candles; thewickcandlestore.com, puka shell necklace; eBay.com, Little Kiddle; pinkfadedroses.blogspot.com, glass animals, slubird at flickr.com


elephants! you can check out my current collection


which I have added to since.
Annie, thanks for the comment. I was actually reading through your blog the other day. Love it! Then I checked out your shop which is amazing. I'll definitely stop by when I'm in LA! Lynn
Thank you Lynn! We'll do the same next time we're in your neighborhood.
katiedid said…
This is great! I started collecting at a young age also: candles, horse figures, troll dolls, miniature bottles, posters, small animal porcelain figurines....it goes on. My tastes have definitely improved, but the bug hasn't changed! :)
Thanks Katie, yes, I guess we just mature to grown-up collecting. That reminds me. I used to collect trolls too. take care, Lynn

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