French Chairs upholstered in French printed burlap from Paris Hotel Boutique

I just love typography. Anything with interesting letter design piques my interest. Perhaps that's why I started collecting hotel silver because of the fancy script and logos across the front of the pieces.

When I see vintage typeset or calligraphy, I go crazy! I spent $200 on a sweatshirt in New York because of the vintage font on the front. I just can't help myself! Here are some of my favorites...{I had to sneak in some photos from my website}

Decoupage Hotel Algonquin tray by John Derian

Decoupage tray by John Derian

Fancy Scrap Paper from Bernard Maisner

Vintage French Ribbon from Paris Hotel Boutique

Vintage Bus Sign from Paris Hotel Boutique

Vintage Coffee Press from Paris Hotel Boutique

French Apothecary Jar from Paris Hotel Boutique

"Cities Wall Collections" from Granada Design

Calligraphy by May-belle

Calligraphy by May-belle

Back of French Chairs from Paris Hotel Boutique

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Anonymous said…
I am HEAD OVER HEELS for those chairs ! I might have to donate an organ or something so I can buy them ;D
a. said…
Love the chairs and the trays from John Derian especially the first one!
Such a lovely collection you've assembled. Love the Fancy Scrap Paper and vintage coffee press.
Barb said…
I am drooling! I love it all.
Ulla said…
Fabulous post! I adore those chairs!!!
Kathy said…
Oh my these chairs are just too fabulously fun!!
I, too, love typography. Great collection you've gathered for our eyes--thank you!!!
Alkemie said…
I adore typography too but your bergere chairs are absolutely GENIUS. I was totally wowed by the chairs and have never seen a pair done that way. Where did you find the burlap for it? WOW!
Thanks for your comments everyone. I guess you either love or hate these chairs. They were blogged about a lot and some good and some harsh comments are floating around.

I didn't upholster them myself. I actually purchased them the way they are. They really piqued my interest when I saw them.

thanks again for visiting!


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