New at Le Meurice Hotel!

The bicycle has arrived in Paris! The new citywide bicycle renting program, Velib, is the coolest way to explore the City of Lights. The Hotel Le Meurice is offering its guests “the Meurice touch," a chic and comfortable pistachio-green bicycle with all the trimmings! Cheery red satchels are attached to either side of the rack, permitting cyclists to tote that day’s shopping back to the hotel. They are offering them for sale upon request. Imagine strolling around your neighborhood in one of these!

Check out these fancy black leather high chairs in the Le Meurice restaurants. Only the French!

These silk skeleton chair pillows are so beautiful.

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Tried the Velibs in Paris when we were there in June, and it was such a fun way to get about. The customized Le Meurice bicycles sound amazing!

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