Too Pretty to Eat!

A Cartier-inspired "diamond" necklace with two mini ring box bites

The most beautiful cake creations I've ever seen are from the gallery, I Dream of Cake, here in San Francisco. Creater/owner Shinmin Li uses techniques such as hand-painting, sculpting (no molds), and custom stencils to make confections that look so true to form it’s unreal! They are truly works of art.

I've peered through the windows of her North Beach location, and her gallery is as whimsical as her cakes. I was so awestruck that I took photos with my phone to send my friend. You must take a look at her website which showcases her gallery and photos of her scrumptious cakes.

Prices range from $10 to $25 per serving and custom cakes start at $400. Shinmin uses the finest ingredients and her cakes taste as good as they look. But, who can cut into one of these beauties?

An exact replica of Rosalina Lydster's fine necklace for the 100th anniversary of Neiman Marcus

For a birthday girl who loves red shoes. Vanilla and Chocolate Layered Cake with Mocha Buttercream

For the first wedding at the De Young Museum, this design was inspired by the couple's wedding invitation and the architecture of the De Young.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

Handpainted Floral Gucci Bag with Bamboo Handle

Sweet Alligator Birkin Bag - Toasted Almond Cake

This jewelry box cake incorporates Indian artwork and fashion sketches.

Ginger Jars Cakes with Handpainted Designs

Handpainted Chinese Fan on a jewelry box - toasted almond cake

Photos Courtesy of "I Dream of Cake"


Anonymous said…
Amazing, simply amazing. They're all incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Too bad you don't have time for a storefront...I have just the spot for you in Berkeley!

Happy 4th, Jane
prize said…
Thanks, Lynn, for finding all the good spots in the city. I am putting the Gucci cake on my wishlist for my 40th birthday!
Kathy said…
I'm drooling. I've seen some crazy talented bakers here in LA, but those are ingenious masterpieces! I would throw a party just to have a few of those to serve....
Barb said…
What an artist! Those are truly the most amazing cakes I have seen.

Thank you for sharing those creations with us.
what a gorgeous post!
thanks for sharing, again.
Passementerie said…
These cakes are *beyond* incredible! Thank you for sharing this find!!
Ulla said…
OMG, I actually had to go back and re-read, to be sure they all actually are cakes. Unbelievable!
mer said…
I'm drooling over the burlap chairs!
Alkemie said…
Yikes! I AM incredulous at some of these cakes. They look like the real thing, I didn't even think some of them were cakes but real bags. That's simply amazing!
columnist said…
I really found it hard to believe that these were cakes. They really are masterpieces, and as you say: "too good to eat". Great post - thanks for sharing!

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