Back to Reality

Just returned from a wonderful, but too short getaway in Southern California. It was so nice to see the sun and spend some "girl time" with my dear friend!

Four short days away and I forgot about our horrendous San Francisco weather. I ran out last night to get a bite to eat and couldn't help but take a little video to share a little bit of San Francisco summer with you...

On another note...

My "guess the photo" post last week was solved! Once again, the ever-so-brilliant Roseline from This is Glamorous identified this photo. It was actually part of a Photoshop contest (had me fooled) at Worth 1000. Credit: Oil Corner. Thanks Roseline...your prize is on its way!

The current issue of Vintage Magazine, Deuxieme issue has launched. For excerpts visit their website or pick up a copy at fine shops and museums, or subscribe. It's stunning!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Wouldn't it be wonderful if that photo wasn't a photo shop and it was real? Hope you had a wonderful visit with you-know-who. I am sure you did. Happy weekend and stay away from the desk. XO
Nita Stacy said…
But look how cute those San Francisco houses are! That video was really an eye opener for me. I can't imagine living in that fog in the middle of summer. If that is summer....what is winter like?
Oh my goodness, Lynn..... and they say that we have bad weather in the UK !!!!
Love the photoshopped photo !! Well done to Roseline.
Have a great new week, Lynn. XXXX
so exciting! thanks again, lynn and looking forward to the prize!


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