Can Someone Please Tell Me What This Is??

I'm hoping you smart bloggers out there can help with this small dilemma...

I've been collecting and selling hotel silver for over 12 years now and am completely stumped as to the use of this piece. It's been in my collection for many years and I plan on selling it. I love that it's from the Grand Hotel in Cannes, but what exactly is it?

This is a side view of the piece...It measures 5" in diameter (not including the handle) and 5" tall

This is a close-up of the handle that ejects the lid when pulled apart.

Inside the bowl is a spoon-like paddle that shifts across the bowl when the handle is moved. What would it be used for? Couldn't be coffee, tea or a juicer since the base has such large openings.

This is the base. It appears as if it rests on top of a glass, but again, why the large openings?

If anyone has any clue as what this piece is for, I would greatly appreciate your input!!

Thanks a bunch!


Michella Marie said…
I have no idea... But it is beautiful :)) It kinda looks like it could be used for pancake batter. Good luck!!
~ Michella ~
Wow, what a pretty piece this is! I'm going to do some research here, I love this sort of riddle!
a. said…
I'm going to ask my mother, she knows all things like this!
soozeedoozee said…
Lovely and curious piece. My guess is that it was used by a waiter. To add a precise serving as it appears that the slots would be covered by the round disk until the handle was pulled. Perhaps whipped or clotted cream? I'm eager for someone who knows to enlighten us.
Lynne Rutter said…
i think it may be for butter. they fill it will ice, place curls of butter on top, and can empty out the water from underneath as the ice melts.
my grandparents had a pair that were similar, they had matching dishes for underneath.
Unknown said…
Hey Lynn. I'm pretty sure that's a butter curl maker! Tamara
very beautiful collection. I'm pretty sure it's for butter.
Cashon&Co said…
A butter curl maker! .?
I had no idea! That was fun! Keep dping this! It's like antiques roadshow.... I had no idea what that was.

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