The Prettiest Cupcakes

Are we tired of cupcakes yet? I'm certainly not as I love my sweets (If you haven't noticed by now.) Here are some edible "little works of art" I've stumbled upon...

hydrangea cupcakes : Glorious Treats

shell-decorated cupcakes at the shore: Project Weddings, photo: Karey Michelle

Wedgewood cupcakes: Anita Jamal

popcorn cupcakes: Cake Central

rose-shaped cupcakes: J-Lynne - flickr

more rose cupcakes: style me pretty

rose garden cupcakes: Kylie Lambert

{first photo: tumblr}


Ashley Turner said…
Those are amazing!!! The popcorn ones are too cute! Would love to serve those at an Oscars party or something!
lisa golightly said…
Like little works of art ... the fact they are edible just makes them all the more special ! The hydrangeas, wedgewood & rose garden are my faves ! YUM
Oh Lynn,
What wonderful cupcakes. I love all of them. Our son and daughter-in-law had some similar at their wedding. They really are little works of art........ and taste delicious too. It seems a shame to spoil them by eating them.........No it doesn't !!!! XXXX
Anonymous said…
Oh, the hydrangea and the scarlet-edged-rose ones are absolute perfection.
are they for my birthday?
thank you!
They're all beautiful, Lynn, but the Wedgewood definitely have my full attention here.
Beautiful cupcakes!! :)
Just posted my own cake pictures... Feel a bit embarrassed about it now, comparing to yours :D
FrenchBlue said…
YUM YUM YUM!! Bring those popcorn cupcakes with you now not later!!
highheeledlife said…
I'll take one of each please!!! ..HHL
Unknown said…
Cupp cakes have never looked prettier!
the 3 tier pic beats them all.

hop on hop off Paris
Anonymous said…
Came across your blog and its lovely! I've just written a cupcake post myself, but my attempts come nowhere near these beautiful creations! Will enjoy following you. Best wishes, Helen
The "Rose Garden" cupcakes are my favorites! They are all beautiful!
I always enjoy your blog and wonderful photo's. Thank you for sharing them!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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