Vincent Olinet: A World of Fantasy

Petit Gateau, 2003

Happy Monday everyone! I hope those of you in the US are enjoying the long holiday weekend.

I thought I'd start the week off with my latest obsession -- whimsical mixed media sculptures by Vincent Olinet. You may have seen my recent post featuring his floating canopy bed installation.

Je suis le gateaux de tous les francais, 2007
("I am the all-French's cake"-- made of wood, plaster, foam, sugar, resin)

Vincent Olinet lives and works in Brussels. His work has a strong sense of humor, such as increasing the size of an object to enormous.

His series of monumental cakes made of both synthetic and real confectionery, were whimsical yet told a story. A symbol of decadence, abundance and decay.

La vitrine - Exhibition view, Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, 2007

Je vous aime tous, 2006
("I love you all"--made of wood, metal, foam, carpet, fresh flowers)

Sans titre (untitled) - 2007-2008 39 pieces in wood and metal - various dimensions

If you want to see more of Vincent Olinet's work, visit his website here, or the Laurent Godin Gallery here.


Anonymous said…
fun. after the party memories. cakes are good friends. may i have this dance? tra la la...
Di Overton said…
Well amm I pleased to meet you Vincent? What fabulous work.
FrenchBlue said…
Omg! These look like the crown wedding cakes married our funeral urns!! We would have bought two of these! One for you and one for me! Maybe we would have put them at our entrance or on the table for a centerpiece:) I think we were ahead of our time with the cakes now not later!!! GrAte post Lynn!!
What wonderful colours!
Patrice said…
Oh my word. These look like works from Wonderland! How fun and festive.

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