Jeweled Macarons Anyone?

The Caketress, a boutique cake company based in Canada, created an exclusive dessert bar shoot for New York-based event planner, Amy Atlas. I nearly flipped when I saw Amy's blog post this morning. {I've definitely been in "sweet tooth" land lately!}

This all grey and white chic dessert bar also included pearls and lace; lace wrapped pumpkin cupcakes, macarons, malted chocolate pearls, and licorice white cotton candy! Oh my!

Click here to read the entire post and view the rest of the photos. Divine!


Aren't these just fabulous? And some Canadian talent too.......I had read about her a few months ago in a Canadian bridal magazine and she has amazing talent. You just find the best things Lynn. XO
Sweet Tooth is in absolute overload now....thanks Lynn for some real eye CANDY!
FrenchBlue said…
I'll take one ivory and one silver please! Something to remember when the girls get married!
Roxy Te said…
pumpkin, coconut, chocolate? Pearls, lace, sparkly macaroons? Divine is definitely the word.
Unknown said…
Those are amazing. What a beautiful tablescape for a bridal shower or rehersal dinner dessert bar. I LOVE Amy Atlas, her talent is incredible!!!
Have a great weekend Lynn!

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