So Embarrassed...

Okay, so I'm not a professional writer. I know that. When I signed up for "blogging," I knew that it was going to be challenging. Spelling correctly is a pet peeve of mine. In fact, I used to win the spelling bees in school.

So why hasn't my spell check been correcting me when I've been writing walla! as opposed to voila!? Hmpf. I just stumbled upon the correct spelling of voila and it freaked me out. Where did I come up with 'walla' and what the heck does 'walla' mean? Just looked it up and here is what the dictionary says;

wallah , walla
noun usually in combination
Informal a person involved with or in charge of (a specified thing)
the book wallah

Guess that's not the word I was looking for to "call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic!"

So, I just learned something. 1) Sometimes spell check doesn't work and, 2) I'm not a writer.

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I love it. I have the same problem and feelings... It is so hard to be perfect... :)
French Kissed said…
Kindred spirit here...I have a "Voila" story as well...In my almost 2 years of blogging I had never received a negative comment until a few weeks ago when I misspelled it by transposing the O and I. An anonymous comment basically told me I should not use French words if I did not know how to use them properly. The funny thing was Anonymous incorrectly spelled the simple word "is" in their comment. Big revelation...we all make mistakes...we are not perfect...and we all contribute something valuable. Voila!!!

Fargerike Dagny said…
lol! wallah totally reminds me of vollah, a term used by immigrant/fugitive teens meaning something like "dude, I swear" (it's moroccan)

Sarsaparilla said…
Funny story! Thanks for getting past your embarrassment and sharing it with us. We love you even more because of it...

I'm trying to remember if I noticed one of your walla's when I was reading a post. If I did, I probably just thought you were being clever. Because you ARE a writer - and a very good one!
French Kissed --Why do people have to point out our spelling errors? That’s terrible. “Miss Anonymous” has nothing better to do obviously! We’re not passing ourselves off as “writers”!!
Too funny! I am a bit of a nut about spelling errors myself- but seems like there is always one out there that manages to get you! Ever tried to spell
hors doeuvre? NEVER looks right- not even now after I checked it again! I have to look it up every time!
Oh Lynn,
I have made lots of spelling mistakes....usually because my finger has slipped onto the key next to the letter that I meant to use .....well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !!!! haha
I am so sorry that I've been AWOL. Since getting back from a week at my sister's, I've desperately been trying to catch up with my commenting but failing miserably !!!! I hope to be back on track soon. XXXX
Voila! Now you know! :) Trust me, I've done the same thing....
Cashon&Co said…
That cracks me up! Eberytime I write the word "blogspot" my spell check automatically changes it to "bloodspot".... With this time being no exception. I have no idea how many times I've missed correcting it!
oh my goodness, lynn! hadn't realized that "walla" was voilà or might have helped out with the spelling -- your spell-check may have missed it because it's french?

hope you're having a most delightful weekend! xoxo

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