Cecil Beaton Fabric

I was thrilled to find out about the Cecil Beaton fabric collection available at Liberty of London. Beaton, the famous British photographer, costume designer and diarist had a keen eye for all things fashionable.

I am in awe of his artwork and have a small collection of his first addition books. Now what a treat to be able to purchase his fabric and wallpaper. All of the designs in the collection are reproductions of Beaton’s original work from 1948 and produced by Beaudesert in England. They are checks, florals and stripes on silk, cotton and wallpaper. You can see them here.

Photos courtesy of cecilbeatonfabrics.com & Harper's Bazaar


Anonymous said…
Wouldn't it be great to have a long coat made of the black and white roses, lined with the stripe? Yummy. I would take a piece of furniture in just about any of it! Thanks for sharing Lynn!
Di Overton said…
I am totally hooked. Fabulous!
Ashley Erica said…
These are just fabulous. I just found a new website that these remind me of, it's called La Vie Cherie. www.laviecherie.com
Thanks for the tip Ashley! I checked out the website and it's great! Lynn

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