Gothic Splendor

Katie over at Katiedid just posted a hauntingly beautiful post about Douglas Little, Modern Alchemist and Purveyor of Curious Goods. He created a Gothic Fantasy for the pages of the November 2006 issue of House and Garden magazine, and for the windows of Bergdorf Goodman in 2006. I had to share some photos below of the striking Bergdorf windows. You can see all of the windows here:

I love everything by Douglas Little, founder of D.L. and Co. He is most well known for his unusual and fragrant candles, in addition to other curious objects. He is also a decorator/designer and stylist extraordinaire. Love him!

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My family and I ADORE DL & Co. Modern Alchemy candles. (Favorites: Salem and Ex Libris.) I confess I did not know he was a visual artist as well. Thanks for the beautiful post!
Di Overton said…
I have always loved DL & Co but these windows are mind blowing. I could just crawl in there and stay.
vicki archer said…
Incredible work - the window displays are breathtaking.
Unknown said…
Such eye candy! I love it! I had a lot of fun reading this post & I think I'm in love with the chair with the skull on it! Thanks!

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