Vintage Vogue Magazines

Vogue, November 1968

On Friday I was at an estate sale here in the City and was prowling around the garage. A fellow antiques dealer had stumbled upon stacks of vintage Vogue magazines from the 1960's. He let me look through them and wow...just gorgeous! Why were fashion magazines so much classier back then? Just look at some of these covers! The first image (above) is the cover of the November 1968 issue which I looked through. I love the photo of Verushka with an armful of blue enamel bracelets and baby snake rings. Great match with her blue eye shadow!

Vogue, December 1968

Vogue, January 1962

Needless to say, I was disappointed that I hadn't discovered these magazines first! The good news is that the web site, Paper Pursuits, has a huge selection of vintage fashion and design magazines, print advertisements and sewing patterns. They list the contents in each issue and show photos of some of the pages. Check them out here. I may have to buy some issues...

Vogue, May, 1962

Vogue, April 1963

Vogue, rare addition of Audrey Hepburn, November 1964
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Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

The cover with Jean Shrimpton brought back memories. As a kid, I wanted to be her. Loved Yardley (going wayyyy back).

That is way back!! I'm not too far behind, Barb! Those were great times...
Thank you for the great cover photos! Photo magazines were definately classier back then. I will be purusing Paper Pursuits too.
Thanks for beautiful entry. It is true, at least fashion magazines did not have the "56 positions to satisfy your man" -type slogans on every cover. Ugh. All the women are breathtaking on those covers.
Anonymous said…
Have you seen these?
Vogue Magazine Covers
These are fantastic! It's always inspirational to look at things from a long time ago and compare how things have changed. Love the pink April cover.
Rose Growing Gal: sexy slogans on the covers. classy.

Enzie: Thanks for the link. Wow, I've never seen those old covers. Amazing...
Carla said…
I love your vintage Vogue's. So elegant. Carla x
Crave said…
These are fantastic!!
la la Lovely said…
These are so pretty and fun to look at!
Di Overton said…
You can buy prints of Vogue covers here in the UK via the Vogue website.
POOKIE said…
Thanks so much for sharing the lovely Vogue covers. Brings back memories of being a teenager!

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