Pimento Cheese Spread

Why haven't we heard of this on the West Coast? Apparently this is a traditional Southern comfort food that hasn't caught on in many parts of the country.

I just returned from visiting family in Nashville, and just about every market and cafe/bakery has this delicious spread.

This last time I was in Nashville I had a grilled pimento and cheese sandwich and it was the best thing I've ever tasted! Not the processed variety, but the real "made from scratch" mixture with fresh cheddar cheese, pimentos and mayonnaise. I googled "pimento cheese spread" and found hundreds of different recipes to choose from. Do any of you have a favorite recipe? I'm obsessed!


I love pimento cheese sandwiches and actually had one the best this past week while at the antique shows in Texas. It's made with 7 kinds of cheese and it's oh so good!! I really thought everyone knew about this recipe. Glad to hear you've discovered it!!
garden antqs...wow, I'm jealous! It is really delicious. I think I've seen the processed stuff in a jar, but never the freshly made. Do you know of any good recipes?
Passementerie said…
Oh yes, nothing compares to the made from scratch version! It is *amazing* grilled on sourdough or fresh herb bread.

When I make it I don't closely measure the ingredients, but this is pretty close to the amounts I always use...

8 oz of shredded & chopped sharp cheddar.
2 oz. pimentos (drained).
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper.
1/3 cup mayonnaise (homemade roasted garlic mayo is what I usually use, but it is still excellent with any regular mayo).
Thanks Passementerie! Sourdough bread...now that's something we have here. That recipe sounds great. I'm not a huge fan of hot pepper. Maybe I can substitute with regular pepper? I appreciate the recipe and I'll let you know how it goes! All this talk...I'm getting hungry...
Oh, this sounds great! I must make it soon, my hubby will love it! I guess I have a lot of favorite recipes, but if we talk about spreads ans such, I make a pretty good chicken liver pate with poached apples, onions and cognac, that you have to light on fire first. My family always asks for my liver pate. On the side note, I am still waiting for my turquoise chairs! Can't wait to see those babies in my dining room!
mmmmh j ai faim!!
Aysia said…
I actually don't think I have ever had pimento cheese. Hmmm...
vicki archer said…
Sounds naughtily delicious - I shall try and make some myself asap.
Oh that sandwich looks absolutely delicious! I'll try to make it. I adore cheese and pimentos, so it has to be really good!
By the way, I just discovered your blog and I love it. I'm following you!
lam29 said…
My Great Aunt Mimi from South Carolina used to say that, "Only Cracker Barrel brand sharp cheddar cheese is appropriate for pimento cheese spread." ;-)
Thanks again gals for all of your comments. I didn't know that pimento cheese would draw such attention!

Lam29 --thanks for your tips from your Aunt Mimi! Will have to try that too.

Today I made the spread with shredded cheddar, pre-chopped pimento and a bit of mayo. I grilled it on whole wheat. Wasn't as good as I had in the south. I think I need more pimento. Will try another recipe. My concoction wasn't so good...
trash talk said…
Pimento cheese is one of those hidden guilty pleasures that no one admits to, but secretly loves.When I was in school, on Fri. fish day, the schools would serve half a tuna and half pimento cheese sandwiches. My mother made it a lot when I was small for picnics, father-daughter banquets, field trips. Her recipe called for equal parts shredded cheddar cheese and (being in the south)grated velveeta cheese, diced pimentos and just enough mayo to hold it all together. TMI? It's great memories for me.
FineEstate said…
I simply love this kind of sandwich!

I haven't had it for years though.

I first learned about it on a local S.F. television show...It was a fireman chef...

Don't have a recipe, but wonder what it would be like if you used freshly roasted red bell pepper instead of pimentos...Mmmmm, pass the mayo.
trash talk...thanks for your comments. I may have to try your Mom's grated Velveeta!

fineestate...Martin, I think I read a recipe that used red peppers! See you're on top of things. Let me know if you make it!
Di Overton said…
Never heard of it but I am going to try it.

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