Let's Bring Back...

I recently stumbled upon this post from Lesley Blume at the Huffington Post. She has a column called "Let's Bring Back." I thought I'd make a list of my own (below). What would you like to bring back?

1. Dining car travel. Oh, the Golden Age of Travel. Elegant meals served with fancy dinnerware. What a way to travel.

2. Letter-writing. Almost a lost art. Yes, the internet has enabled us to communicate instantly, but there is so much beautiful letterpress stationary out there and letter-writing is so personal.

3. Hats. On men and women. They are so chic and don’t you just love the photos of men at the ballpark sporting their fedoras and derbys?

4. Women’s gloves. So classy. I remember as a child in the 60’s, shopping with Mom in downtown San Francisco. You had to wear your white gloves and Mary Janes. Women looked so stylish.

5. Handsome luggage. Wouldn’t it be nice to sport a little train case and not see hundreds of black suitcases at airport baggage claim? Perhaps the old variety is difficult to transport, but isn’t it chic?

6. Full-service gas stations. Men with their little hats happily coming to your car to fill up your tank. What a luxury.

7. No sneaker rule. Don’t get me wrong, sneakers are comfy and great for exercise and walking, but I don’t like going to a nice restaurant or theater and seeing 75% of the people looking as if they just left the gym.

8. Old-fashioned architecture. Art Deco signage, skyscrapers with ornate, classical exteriors. Gorgeous brass elevator panels in lobbies.

9. Wood-carving. Bring back and preserve the lost art of carving by hand.

10. Phone calls. I may sound like an old fogey, but it’s difficult trying to respond to text messages and e-mails. It’s so difficult to type on that little phone pad! I love to spend time just chatting on the phone with a friend. It’s actually quite relaxing don’t you think?


trash talk said…
How about mailed invitations(especially engraved) instead of e-vites and hand written thank you notes. And don't get me started on etiquette. Debbie
Yes Debbie! I agree. Thank-you notes. What happened to them? Yes, etiquette...I'll have to do a post on that. Thanks for the comments!
FineEstate said…
Hello Lyn,

Love the post, and I agree whole heartily with your list, especially about the luggage, gas stations, and phone calls...

Here are a few of mine...

Old style graphics...Lets make tomorrows ephemera today, so that it will be there to collect in the future...

Glass Bottles...cooler to the touch, and somehow they bead moisture so much more elegantly...

Objects made from metal instead of plastic...Bronze, Silver and Patinated Spelter are so much superior...

Joyce said…
Hi Lynn!
I enjoyed this topic and agree with all that you said! Yes I miss handwritten letters, great customer services, someone pumping my gas at the station etc... I miss all the good of yesterday!
Villa Anna said…
I agree with everything you mentioned whole heartedly! What a fabulous post. I would love to go back to the golden days when ladies were truly ladies...on the surface anyway ;)

Anna :)
Oh yes, I would love to bring back men being 'gentlemen'. Wasn't that nice?
Paris Atelier said…
I love this post! I would bring back, good manners, opening the door for people, giving up your seat for a Lady or somebody older, being neighborly. It seems that in this age where we have so many devices to speed things up everybody still has no time for the simple acts of kindness. I think it's time to slow down, smell the roses, and be kind :)
Thanks for the post...By the way, I'm going to wear a hat tomorrow, just because, I don't care if tehy all stare! :)
garnet107 said…
Pencil boxes (for back to school)...made of covered cardboard, with a little snap, and everthing in its place...the eraser, sharpener, pencils, and secret compartments, and a little drawer ~ not to mention the wonderful smell and the happiness of having one! Each year I long to give these to my nieces, instead of the boring empty microfiber zipper cases ~
Di Overton said…
I would like to bring back more small privately owned shops. The French have laws to ensure they are not overtaken by the big boys and every little town has its fair share of interesting and useful places to shop. I will get off my soapbox now :)
Thanks for the great comments. I think I'm going to do a post about them. Hats off to Paris Atelier for wearing your hat! And Di, I love the idea of more privately owned shops. Thank heavens we have a lot here in SF. Unfortunately rents are so high that people can't afford the overhead and the big boys are taking over.
WordsandMusic said…
If you miss full service at a "service" station, come to Oregon! It's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon. Attendants come running every time you pull up to a pump. Just like the old days.
bella shabby said…
Hi , Yes , Here in Oregon we still have someone to pump the gas. They don't have the cute hats but they do wash the windshield. Its great. We vote down Pump your Own everytime. :0) Sue
Anonymous said…
I just read your blog and love this post about "Let's Bring Back..." I love your list while some of it I did not have the luxury of experiencing due to my generation - I love the person that posted Thank you notes! I'm an East Coaster and let me tell you I had a great Aunt who didn't talk to me for two years because I forgot to write a thank you note at Christmas. I still write thank you notes for lovely dinner parties, gifts and all holiday presents. I am in complete agreement wtih Invites - I hate evites! I love mail! I love modern technology but I also believe in good social graces and when you need to put modern technology to the side. LOVE YOUR LIST!
Dear Paris Hotel Boutqiue,

What a wonderful post! I found your via Paris Atelier, and must say that I truly enjoyed your list for "Let's Bring Back", I think I would have listed the very same things! It was also heartening to read all the wonderful comments from your readers, it seems good manners, proper dressing & etiquette are alive & well, if only that could be found everywhere!
This is definitely a soap~box issue for me, I think if everyone applied the wonderful suggestions this would be a much more dignified place to live!

Warm Regards,
Michelle, thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you found it and thanks for your comments! Lynn
parisapartment said…
Great post, Lynn! I agree with you and all your friends' suggestions too...I didn't see it mentioned but what about using sterling and formal (hotel :) table and dishware instead of just having it for display?
Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
Berlin Deluxxe said…
I just discovered your blog, and I am so glad I did! I've been perusing through all your posts and realized until now I haven't left any comments!
I must agree with you, unfortunately for us lover's of vintage chic, so many beautiful and classic things have been lost in this world of faster and newer is better mentality.
Thanks Berlin Deluxxe! Thrilled that you found my blog. I'm going to visit yours right now!

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