Rachel Ashwell's New Shabby Chic Blog

For those of you who love Shabby Chic, you'll be excited to visit Rachel Ashwell's new blog. Some lovely photos and stories. You can check it out here.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Blog


Anonymous said…
i love shabby chic style. i paint white distressed antique furniture - my website www.vintagechicfurniture.com - ive been doing it for over 4 years now and just opened a store. i love what i do and many people come into my store and tell me that it just makes them happy!!!! :-)
Thanks for your comments Donna! Just checked out your website. The shop is great! Lynn
Jen said…
I too love the style of shabby chic cottage style. I have dedicated my life to it. I agree with Donna, it truly does make people happy. Ladies come in all the time and as soon as they walk in I notice them taking it in and sighing outloud with joy. Many times repeat customers come in and the first thing they say is "I'm back for my therapy!"
It is completely addictive. And what is more, it is very economical. You can do a room makeover for as little or as much as you want to spend.
Embellishing pieces you already have at home and adding paint is so much fun. Buying pieces that people create make a unique charm grow in your home.
If done correctly you can have a clean, less is more yet very relaxing and charming feel in your home.
This is a great blog. So much info to be found here on her links she is adding.
I am so glad I came upon this blog. So much fun!!
Anonymous said…
we currently have a shop and website that sells shabby chic, distressed, or rustic, furniture and soft furnishings.

i totally agree with what has been said, practically 85% of all girls and ladies that walk past our shop say "wowwwww this is beautiful".
Hi Jen and Cherry, thanks for visiting my blog and for your posts. Rachel Ashwell's style has really influenced a lot of people. Your shops sounds lovely and I wish you the best! Thanks again, Lynn
Anonymous said…
Rachel Ashwell certainly gets it right doesn't she? We've gone for the cleaner look this time around - but being an avid sewer and quilter, it's hard not to clutter. Cupboards !
Cindy Albert said…
I live in a vintage beach cottage. The wood floors are creaky and the windows won't stay up, but I love it anyway. I love the idea that something old is new again. It's so green!!

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