What Does it Take to Get the Good Stuff?

Friday is a big estate sale day. People line up at the crack of dawn (some camp in their cars overnight) to get first pick when the sale opens.

Today there was a huge sale in the Bay Area and numbers were passed out the day before to reserve a spot in line. One of my fellow antiques dealers (name withheld) paid $400 to someone in line to purchase their number. That's right. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! This allowed the gentleman to be number 20 in line, as opposed to number 75, or say, 124. The question is, did he find any treasures? I heard that he bought a couple of small things, but really. Is this funny, or have antique dealers gone too far to find a treasure? Perhaps I should get a second job standing in line at estate sales and selling my numbers. Just a thought.


Barb said…
Oh that looks like it could be a lot of fun (finding goodies not standing in line). I can't imagine paying someone to stand in line for me.

Have a great weekend
Di Overton said…
I don't like standing in line even though I am English :)

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