A Favorite: sfgirlbybay

Green Shoes - photo: sfgirlbybay

San Francisco-based blogger/writer/editor, Victoria of sfgirlbybay never ceases to amaze me. Her colorful and inspiring blog is one I look forward to reading on a daily basis.

Sfgirlbybay is one of the leading interior design blogs, brimming with new product reviews, shopping tips, including art, photography and design resources, flea market finds, vintage inspiration. Gosh, the list is too long! This is one talented gal!

Orange Crush.

Onion Peeling.

Take for instance, Victoria's Sunday in the City series where Victoria shares some of her San Francisco musings captured in her beautiful photography. And, with a fun play on words!

Or her current updates on decorating her Pacific Heights apartment, which I may add, she is in the process of moving into a house. Can't wait to see the new photos!

Icing on the Cake.
I love Victoria's Flickr photo series...

And can't help being biased since we live in the same city...

Victoria also has her own Etsy shop, where she sells her own photography, 'Keep Calm & Carry On' posters, and more...

How does she do it all?

Victoria was recently voted #10 of the London Times Top 50 Design Blogs. So, if you have a moment, take a trip over to sfgirlbybay and relish her lovely blog. And be sure and check out her Etsy shop too!

Thanks Victoria for the endless inspiration!

all photos: sfgirlbybay


Shandell's said…
Victoria is one of my favorites, always inspiring.
Sanity Fair said…
I've always been a fan too - and these are just a charming example of her work! Thanks for the review!
lisa golightly said…
Boy do I love her photos. Thank you for the introduction !
FrenchBlue said…
Victoria is a charm for sure! LOVE those green shoes! I want them now not later!!!!!
Dear Lynn,
Thanks for telling us about this wonderful looking blog. I must make sure that I have a look. It looks like it's just my cup of tea.
Our son and daughter-in-law are in San Fransisco at the moment. I'm jealous....I LOVE San Fransisco !! XZXXX
Ohhh... a post such as this makes me realize what I'm missing by living abroad! Excellent introduction!
I agree! Her blog is the best.

Loving your blog too!


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