My Favorite Find!

Have you ever seen a GIGANTIC PINK French paper mache pig before? I hadn't...tee hee. I was perusing an antique show and this enormous pig stopped me in my tracks! This life-size (5 ft. tall) paper mache pig is from France, c. 1930's. I just had to buy it.

The brass plaque reads, "Je Donne une Truffe Mettez 1 fr, 'I give a truffle put 1 franc." The humorous twist being that hunters in France used pigs to sniff out truffles. But, from what I heard, once the pigs found them, they ate them!

Originally mechanical, the head of this pig would nod and the truffle would come out between his legs. The mechanics are not original but still work if plugged in. Hilarious to see the head bob. I'm guessing that this was in a shop and that some sort of candy/chocolate probably came out. I doubt it would be truffles, as in mushrooms, don't you?

Wouldn't this be a "show stopper" display piece for a specialty food store or candy shop? Heck, I'd like it in my living room!

So, what a fun find for me (and my friend that I bought it with). It's for sale here on 1st Dibs in my friend's shop...


Unknown said…
OMG, that is so cute and Hillarias!
LiLi M. said…
Well I think it might well be truffles: truffles are also a kind of chocolates, not by accident of course, they are dark brown of cocoa on the outside, just like 'real' truffles. We over here in the Netherlands use the word truffle also for the real thing as well as the candy. Hope this helps, anyhow it is a fab find! Congrats!
What a cute find!!! I love it.
Blessings... Daphne
oh my...too cute!
Cashon&Co said…
okay, that is TOOOO cute. So funny! What a conversation starter. I love seeing a sense of humor anywhere you can get it.
Unknown said…
that is quite an interesting and comical piece destined to find the perfect home or pen,hehe..

He is gorgeous!

Leeann x
I love it! Reminds me of my sweet pug (whom we often call puglet!).
Cathi said…
That is adorable!!
Hi Lynn,
I think that it would be brilliant in a French restaurant....or any restaurant for that matter. I think that it must have been for truffles of the mushroom kind. What a fabulous find. XXXX
Noel Solomon said…
I just checked the mail and got the BEST 'Thank You' note in the worldddd!!!! Thank you for the sweetest, most thoughtful words. You mean SO much to ME! And I absolutely LOVE the pictures, email me the link if you have one so I can view all of them. Now not later! :))
Thank you Auntie Lynn for including me in your Big Day!

xoxo Noel

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