New Designs from the PHB Collection!

I'm excited to share our newest designs from the Paris Hotel Boutique Collection. The collection is made up of my favorite pieces of ephemera (paper) from my personal collection. They have been professionally copied and decoupaged on glass trays and paperweights. These are all made by hand in the USA.

I love the first tray (above), which is a copy of an early French menu with a wonderful caricature of a man. It reads, "Societe des Architectes," translated to "Society of Architects." I'm crazy over the font on this menu! And, it's a great size for holding most anything, measuring 6" by 10."

I purchased this fabulous "Club DeLisa" piece at a paper show. It's one of clubs where you would have your photo taken and they would insert it into a cardboard sleeve/program. I love the ladies in their fancy hats, and the bright pink-colored border. And, the best part, the bottom reads, "Breakfast Dance Every Monday Morning." Can you imagine dancing on a Monday morning?

This whimsical, colorful graphic menu from France features chefs juggling oversized Hors d' Oeuvres. It's dated 1909 and is completely handwritten in French.

Since it's only one-of-a-kind, and so special, I had it made into a 6" by 10" glass tray. The colors are a bit more brilliant in person than the photos depict.

It's been so much fun creating a collection from my own pieces of ephemera. If you want to see the entire Paris Hotel Boutique Collection, check it out here!


These are fabulous, but I must admit, the Club DeLisa takes the cake! Supreme!
Oh, I love these, Lynn.
My favourite is the french menu with the oversized hors d'oeuvres.
I wish that you got oversized hors d'oeuvres in real life !! XXXX
FrenchBlue said…
They are all so cute! I must agree with our doll Mel... the Club DeLisa takes the cake maybe we can top it with sprinkled marshmallows?
You are so wonderful at designing these tray Lynn.....simply gorgeous. XO

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