The Power of Blogging

It's 9:35 am Sunday morning. I could still be in bed. I could still be cuddled up with my dog. I could be watching the local news. Let's face it, I could just be catching up on a lost hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings Time. But instead, I'm standing on aisle 16 at Target, looking at pillaged shelves, for a product I don't even know that I want. How did I get here? A BLOG.

Yes, that's right. Annie of Poetic and Chic "tweeted" about Liberty of London's new collection for Target, which led me to her blog, and then eventually to Target. Annie had an inkling that the "collection" would be out early, so she hit 4 different Target stores yesterday!

Annie told me which local Target to go to, so I jumped into my hideous sweats, brushed my teeth, and was out the door. I don't even know much about Liberty of London products, but after looking at Annie's blog, I couldn't help myself. There were some really cute things.

I purchased two of these vanilla-scented candles for $9.99 each. Pretty scents in a clear glass jars. Love the packaging...

Then two picture frames for $9.99 each that match the colors of my office...

Unfortunately, most everything was sold out. I was hoping to find some fun pillows (like the one above) for my office (that's the room that I go funky). I wasn't impressed by the clothing and some of the other items that were left. But certainly at these prices, you could find some cute things.

I checked Target's website and most of the items are already sold out. Wondering if they'll be restocking?

So, the next time you find yourself on aisle 16, you'll know the reason why. It was the blog you read...


Ms. P and C said…
This is hilarious! Wow - I cannot believe they're already sold out. I would have been so sad if I'd missed it, but even still, my obsession is a little koo-koo. I LOVE those frames! The peacock feather makes me weak in the knees.

A great story on the power of the tweet leading to commerce. This should be a case study in a book some place.

Cathi said…
I was at Target yesterday and saw the quilt and pillow that you have pictured...the candles sound wonderful - will look for those next time! Happy Sunday! :)
Anonymous said…
I too was at 2 targets this mornings, I have to say the pillows are much cuter in photos, the fabrics were not nice! I thought too that the clothes were made of icky fabrics too, but some of the paper products were cute and the men's ties were fun, 100% silk!
So, you did not miss much for the pillows!
a. said…
I was at my Target at about 10AM and almost none of the accessories were out yet but mostly everything else except for what I wanted (the mugs and flip flops!) I bought the candle you have posted. I'm going back tomorrow!
gildedmoons - thanks for the info on the pillow. Now I don't feel as bad :)

Alyssa, lucky for you because it seems every other Target was sold out. Where are the mugs? I want mugs!
Hi Lynn ~

Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it. I understand more clearly now. I simply carried my name over from my brick & mortar of 2 years and never thought about it. Also, your blog is lovely, its amazing how many of us shop at Target. Again, thank you.
Dear Lynn,
Well, at least you managed to get some things. Those candles look lovely and such a great price. I love everything Liberty's sell in London. I wonder if they have got the same things in a store like Target over here. I'll have to do some research.
Hi five for getting up early !!!! XXXX
La Dolfina said…
Hi Lynn,
I had to laugh at your post... too cute!! I had my heart set on getting that bicycle. No luck in the stores and I didn't want to shell out the ridiculous $99 shipping so I ended up with a shirt for the hubby and some underwear for my son and nada for moi!
Oh well, for once I didn't get too caught up in the Target hype.

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