Chanel's New Tiffany Blue?

Sigh... another new line of yummy-colored nail polishes from Chanel's summer collection (Les Pop-Up de Chanel), coming out this month. Looks like Nouvelle Vague will be the next hot color. Oooh, such a pretty Tiffany blue...great for the toes! Hope it doesn't sell out as quickly as the Spring collection did. Then there is Riviera, a snazzy hot pink, and Mistral, which looks really pretty too.

I have been wearing Particuliére, and just bought Inattendu, both from the Spring line. At $23 a bottle, this is getting expensive... but I adore their colors and there's nothing quite like the quality of a Chanel polish!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Painted Preppy said…
Oh I love those colors, they are a must have for spring/summer! Thanks for the heads up!
Dear Lynn,
Do you like the 'Tiffany Blue?' I'm not sure. I have seen it on people and I can't make up my mind. I think that it might be because it's absolutely freezing here in the U.K. and, for me, it's a summery colour. Perhaps I'll get into it when it warms up here !! Meanwhile, I'll stick to the dark blood red colours. Call me old-fashioned !! haha XXXX
Cashon&Co said…
I think I like it? It might be too young for me but could be fealty fun on the toes for summer?!
Kellie, if you're too young then I'm ancient!!!
Roxie Morrow said…
Love the Tiffany blue! I've GOT to get this!!!

Kathysue said…
Ooooh! I love all of those colors especially the Rivera, I will have to check that one out, thanks for the heads-up, Kathysue
Laura said…
I love that blue colour...definitely Tiffany-esque! :)
Blue toes? I'm loving the pinks, but the blue might push my comfort zone! Maybe I need to expand my horizons! :)
Ooh-la-la! I've never worn Chanel polish...I'm fearful I won't settle for less afterward!

Nouvelle Vague is stunning though. I just might have to try it out! My feet and toes usually wear pink, but I might have to make an exception!
lisa golightly said…
I'm with Jacqueline. Dark reds for me too ! Maybe when it's warmer, on the right day, with the right shoes ... the blue would work ?
Roxy Te said…
I have been wearing a cheaper version of Inattendu because $23 per bottle is just not in my budget right now! It's called my Commander in Chic by Sally Hansen, and it's only around $7!!
p.s. I hope Sally comes out with that Tiffany Blue soon! I love love!

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