Giveaway...Vintage Diamond Stack Band!

U.K. based Roseline Lohr has exquisite taste which is apparent on both of her blogs; This is Glamorous and A Glamorous Little Side Project. I have been a follower of hers for many years now. What an eye she has for beauty.

Roseline has been featured in numerous publications including Martha Stewart Living, The Washington Post, and a contributor for Lucky Magazine.

If you like diamonds, here is a chance to win a vintage estate diamond band from Paris Hotel Boutique at This is Glamorous !

This 1930's vintage diamond band (middle ring in photo) is 14 carat white gold and set with 5 diamonds. These bands make quite a statement when stacked.

To enter this "diamond-studded" giveaway, simply visit This is Glamorous here and leave a comment!

Bonne Chance!


Jennifer said…
I have been seeing more and more of these lately - since I love multiples - I love these! Jennifer jennsthreegraces
What a wonderful collaboration, two stylish gals! The rings look fabulous Lynn and shall head over to comment. XO
Unknown said…
Oh My! Two glam gals giving away such a glamorous ring! I'm on my way over now.
Oh Lynn,
I cannot believe this giveaway. It is absolutely stunning.You are so generous to do this. I'm off to Roseline @ This is Glamorous to comment. I am so gob-smacked !! I think that I'm in shock at such an amazing giveaway !!!! XXXX
La Dolfina said…
You've really gone and set the bar high!!! I'm not complaining... in fact I'm headed there now!!!!!!!!!!!
vicki archer said…
What a fantastic giveaway...I would love that, very pretty. xv
FrenchBlue said…
What a generous giveaway! Someone is going to be a very happy girl to win this trio!!
FYI, it's only the middle ring...:)
Anonymous said…
Wow, what an idea - I went, no - ran there, pronto!

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