What We Do For Our Four-Legged Friends...

Or... what we make them do for us!

Yesterday was my dog Vito's 10th birthday. Getting into the spirit, I decided to have a party with doggies and adults. For some reason Vito loves Bichons and Havenese, so his close friends were there to celebrate. My friend Lisa generously donated her house for the festivities!

Forgive Vito's bad behavior...

$27 (yes, $27) for an organic dog birthday cake from a dog bakery. Hope they enjoyed it!

little treats for the guests

"Oh, please take these silly hats off of us!"

"Are you kidding me?" -Buster

Speaking of dog parties...I had to share this cute "dessert party" that Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio created for her new adopted puppy, Ozzy.

The theme was “Meet the Puppy,” to introduce Ozzy to her family & friends. There was "doggy" food and "people" food.

So beautifully done...

Biscuits & rawhides for the puppies, candy & treats for the humans...

How creative is this?

For the humans...

For the dogs...

Love that party! So talented!

Are we silly? Yes. We love our animals so why not spoil them? They give us so much joy and unconditional love!

photo credits: Posh Pixels Design Studio & my own


Christybernadet said…
Oh - what HAVEN'T I done is a better question! : ) Love the party - I would do it in a minute!
La Dolfina said…
Happy Birthday Vito!!! You are one lucky doggie :)
They all look so cute in their little hats, I have done this same thing for my little dog!!! Blessings~~~Daphne
Oh What fun for the birthday dog. What a beautiful party, Lynn. Happy birthday Vito from me & Zeke!
That is SO cute that you had a party for Vito's 10th year! He is adorable and reminds me of my sweet Mimi who is in heaven now.

I now have Georgie who is a little darling but not very social. He has just a few BFF's that I could invite so I will consider this idea! I LOVE Havanese dogs. Was there one at the party? I did not see one.
Tell Vito he does not look a day over 8!
Mela said…
Wow this party is amazing, lucky dogs!!!!
FrenchBlue said…
Happy Birthday EeeeCeeee!!
Lynn, Vito is the happiest boy in the whole world! You are such a good mommy and Eeeee looks so happy that it is his birthday!!
Looks like more fun than some human parties i've been to!!!!Happy Birthday Vito! Maryanne xo
Cashon&Co said…
okay that is so cute!! Lucky Vito! Am I am laughing about the "bad behaviour" photo. I was about to say something crass like "anytime there is humping at a party it's bound to be crazy" but I won't ..... ahhahahah
just kidding!!
My poor Lucky dog doesn't get any happy birthdays, we don't know his birthday but i guess we should pick one and give him a bone or a walk in the park or something. I'm a bad doggie mama i guess. thanks for the inspiration to get me to step up my act. :) Happy Memorial Day today friend! K
Anonymous said…
hahaha. that looks like it was fun.
Lisa & Alfie said…
Ha! And Alfie thought he had it bad! He is so mad he missed out on those playmates and organic cake!
Lisa & Alfie
Dear Lynn,
I think that Vito is the luckiest dog in the world. That party would be good enough for the Queen of England. He had everything there.....maybe the only thing missing was a doggy stripogram !!!! haha. XXXX
Shirish Kanabar said…
Hi All,

Happy Birthday eeeCeeee...You are lucky doggie in the world.......

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FrenchBlue said…
Those cupcakes look good enough for people to eat! I can't believe you baked and frosted all those and all those decorations are so CUTE! Uh Uh UH!!!
Happy Birthday to Vito! He's so cute, as are all the other dogs. I have 2 bichons myself. They will be 10 in a few months. Thanks for the smile of my day!
Unknown said…
yes we all go over the top for our pets. but nothing like that- wow=tres chic!

Lynn ~

I'm a total dog lover, and we shower our little pug with lots of love daily, but of course, we go all out on her Valentine's Birthday!

Vito looks so happy and loved! What a fun party!


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