The Most Beautiful Chocolat.

You may remember an earlier post of mine raving about one of my favorite chocolatiers, Diane of Maison Bouche. Was I excited to see their new Spring line of chocolats! Divine!

Maison Bouche (literally translated as "house of the mouth") is named after the sumptuous kitchens at Versailles, and based here in the Bay Area. Maison Bouche's packaging is as divine as the scrumptious taste of their confections.

I asked Diane what inspired her for her new lines, and here's what she had to say...

"For 'Les Fleurs,' I've always admired Grandville, who was a celebrated artist of 19th century France. His "Court of Flora or Les Fleurs Animées" shows flowers personified. The collection is redolent of the spirit of French Romanticism."

"For 'Botanicals,' I wanted a spring collection with beautiful floral images. I found them in 19th century hand-painted Botanical prints. I'm constantly amazed at how wonderful flowers are and this is a homage to their loveliness."

"For 'Couture et Confections,' I love love love the fashions of 18th century France - the tall wigs, the attention to detail people put into their attire, the richness of the fabrics, the colors. It was so wonderful!"

"For 'Marriage a la Mode,' I wanted to recreate the lavishness of early 19th Century Royal weddings with the tiered cake, precious jewels given to the bride from all over Europe, the ornate invitation, the beautiful clothing and the fairy tale feeling surrounding it all. These items would have been printed for the world to see. But I also wanted the Collection to appeal to couples getting married today, because we still carry on the same traditions."

Beautiful, aren't they? With Lait and Noir chocolats and numerous flavors, the Maison Bouche bars and confections are available online and at these retailers.

BUT WAIT... there's more!!!

Stay tuned for a Maison Bouche giveaway tomorrow.....

photos: Maison Bouche


Cashon&Co said…
that packaging is so pretty! I'm a choco-holic. :) happy monday dear.
stylebyrachael said…
Oh, I would love those all around my home, in every room!!
Such gorgeous wrapping and packaging........which makes for a wonderful gift. I may stock up on some of these, to gift of course. XO
FrenchBlue said…
So Beautiful and too pretty to unwrap like our Sande's gifts!! BUT I know that chocolat is the
B E S T and my favorite is the Sel Salt. Uh Uh Uh!!!
lisa golightly said…
Usually I cannot have chocolate in the house ( total chocoholic )... but such beautiful packaging like this, maybe I wouldn't eat it ? ... Maybe ?
I'm not a choco-holic, but I do love a bite of the best ever so often, and these are definitely incredible delectables! Pleasing to the eye and the taste buds!
Anonymous said…
I love these! so beautiful! how's the chocolate? I would definitely save the wrappers.
red ticking said…
i would love to have one (or two) of those right here right now... they are like willy wonka chocolate bars x 100. love your blog... so fun... xx pam
Noel Solomon said…
how I love love loveee this chocolate.. all the flavors are the best but my most favorite is lavender de sel? Yummmm.. what a GREAT giveaway!

xo Noel
Anonymous said…
I would save the wrapping and decoupage with it, my family would share the chocolate. We could, however brief, be happy.
David, NYC

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