Pin it Forward: What Home Means to Me

I'm thrilled to be a part of Pin-it-Forward, a blogger mashup organized by Victoria of sfgirlbybay and Pinterest, a visual bookmarking site. The theme is "what home means to you," and over the course of several weeks, 300 bloggers will share their photos and passions of "home." It's so much fun!

So, here I go...What does home mean to me?

You may have already figured out that I live in San Francisco since I talk about it so much. Born and raised here, with roots going back to the 19th century. I love the open feeling of living near an ocean and bay, and breathing the fresh dewy air. Even with the dreary fog that encompasses this City much of the year, San Francisco is home.

Ahhh...comfort. Nothing cries "home" more than snuggling into bed enveloped by a down comforter with my little poodle Vito as my pillow. Home is a place of solace...a place that we can escape the outside world and surround ourselves with comfort.

Family heirlooms and antique finds reflect my passions and the past. Being surrounded by these special objects brings a uniqueness to my surroundings and puts a smile on my face.

I don't like to get too serious about decorating. I love a home filled with the unexpected. Nothing too staged, and reflecting the owner's personality. An eclectic mix of pieces from different eras and touches of whimsy always makes for an interesting space. What awaits me when I turn the corner? I never know!

Guilty as charged. Guilty of stashes of candy in drawers & cabinets. Not too much, but just enough to be able to pull out that licorice when I'm in the mood. Total comfort. Stashes of wonderfully scented candles and magazines to devour. Nirvana!

I'm crazy over small touches of glitz that bring me back to a bygone era. And I love mirrors! They make a small house seem larger, and the reflections they create are magical.

Home is my retreat. Husband, dog, family and friends. It's my favorite place to be!

my Pinterest page

Many thanks to Victoria at sfgirlbybay and the group at Pinterest for the opportunity to participate in this fun event, and for enabling my new Pinterest addiction. Just what I needed...another fun thing to take me away from my work. Actually it's a wonderful source to "bookmark" your favorite photos while browsing the web!

To follow the other boards I've created, hop on over to my Pinterest page. You can also check out other bloggers participating in the "Pin it Forward" by viewing the full schedule here.

And now... I'm passing the baton to, so be sure to check out her post on Monday.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Anonymous said…
I was happy to pass the baton to you yesterday and was eager to see your pin board!

Beautiful! I love everything you posted and have to agree with all of your points, especially the eclectic details, heirloom items and staches! We are the same way!
This is really fun! I would love to continue on to see everyone who participated. Your pictures are so well chosen and I was with you until I saw the sparkle and that just sent me over the edge! I think my board would have everything that you have, I even have that stack of magazines that I have not taken the time to enjoy and I am setting aside time tonight with a glass of wine to do just that. Thanks!
I read your blog all the time and love it. Really one of my very favorites,
Ben said…
What a lovely pinboard. What I really like about it is that you have a really beautiful and unique style. I'm also from SF, and lots of what I see is a very consistent vintage / mid century post. You have a great fresh taste. Thanks for participating in Pin it Forward. You did a great job.

- Ben
sfgirlbybay said…
love this lynn!! yeah, for living by our beautiful bay! thanks so much for contributing!! xo, v.
What a fantastic idea! I really enjoyed the photos and your description of what your home means to you.
Tina Riddell said…
Ooo, your pinboard is fabulous!! As is your post. so many beautiful things!
elleinteriors said…
What a wonderful idea! Nice photos and also i like your description, what your home means to you.

Home bar furniture UK
Oh Lynn,
You did that so beautifully. The images, the text. Brilliant. My favourite was the sweets in the drawer !! haha
Well, you know what 'HOME' means to me, don't you ? MY BLOG !!!! haha.
Have a terrific San Fransisco weekend. XXXX
Loved your pictures of SF and your home...Vito is adorable....Nice to get to know you better!Maryanne:)
Shane Pollard said…
I LOVE this post which says so much about YOU.
I imagine it was v time consuming to pull it all together?

SF is on my "bucket list" of destinations - one day....

Like Kim I would like to see the others boards as well.

Thanks for sharing and YOU have a wonderful weekend!!
FrenchBlue said…
Your HOME is the only home in the world I can be and feel at home. Your home is beautiful Lynn!! AND all these photos are an example of exactly your home:)
Karena said…
How cool is this!! Love all of your wonderful images!

Art by Karena
Being Tazim said…
Love your pinboard and your collection here. I am glad that I discovered your blog!

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